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Initial assessment - £55.00

General footcare - £40.00

Initial assessmen

We treat conditions such as fungal nail infections, thickened or misshapen nails, athletes foot, corns, calluses, sweaty feet, blisters and other general foot disorders.

Nail cutting - £25.00

For those who have difficulty reaching or managing their own toenails but are otherwise in good health.

Corns and Callus - £40.00

Painful corns and callus can form almost anywhere on the feet.  These can usually be removed painlessly at the clinic.

Verrucas - from £40.00

Verrucas are very difficult to treat successfully and as they generally resolve spontaneously in a few months they are best left alone.  However, they can be very painful or psychologically unsettling: if this is the case then we have various treatment options available. 

Nail Surgery package - from £400

Nail surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic.  This is  usually performed on a Saturday morning with a redressing appointment scheduled for the following Monday morning, minimising the time the patient needs to spend away from work or school.  The costs for dressings and follow-up appointments are included in the price.

Low Level Laser Treatment (LLLT)


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